Not always the occurrence of needs coincides with the payment of salary and meeting urgent expenses can be difficult. Having a personal loan repayable in small installments starting from the following month may be the most suitable solution, but if you are looking for a loan that allows you to use a relatively small amount of money each time you need it, an inexhaustible loan, available in little time from the approval of the request, perhaps within a couple of days, which will give you the possibility to repay the Uni in small installments that do not go to greatly affect your monthly income, the Uni UNIPIM Account (Personal Instant Money) could do just for you.

The speed of delivery , the inexhaustibility of the loan, the absence of fixed costs or membership fees, certainly make the offer provided by Uni to its customers interesting.

A fast, inexhaustible and affordable credit line

A fast, inexhaustible and affordable credit line

The Uni UNIPIM Account is a revolving credit line with a credit line, which allows you to use a sum of money, up to € 3,100.00 , and repay the loan in monthly installments starting from the following month. Once approved by Uni, within 48 hours , you will be able to have the requested amount, which will be made available by bank transfer to your current account, or directly to your home by check.

Once the agreed amount has been credited, the customer is not required to use the entire sum requested in liquidity, but can also use only a part of it and repay it starting from the following month in installments.

Regarding expenses, the UNIPIM Account has no fixed costs or membership fee. The credit line is granted by Uni at a 13.11% Taeg interest rate and at a fixed 9.00% Tan ; these data, however, can also vary from month to month and to be updated on the characteristics of the personal loan product, it is always necessary to refer to the supplying company.

Interest will be applied only on the credit used and not on the entire sum of money lent, but a minimum repayment installment of 3% of the usable sum is provided. The installments that will gradually be reimbursed to Uni will replenish the money reserve, which will be immediately usable for other expenses, thus making the credit line inexhaustible .

The necessary requirements

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The following are the requirements to obtain the credit:

  1. have residence in Italy
  2. be of age
  3. have a documentable income
  4. hold a current account (bank or post office)

Payment methods


From the contract the refund of the Uni used by the customer must be made through payment of the indicated installment (minimum 3% of Uni) on the 20th of each month. Payments can be made at the branches of Uni branches, or via RID or postal slip.



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